Contemporary Kitchens – Functional and Fashionable

contemporary kitchen design

With minimalist techniques and geometric designs, contemporary kitchens include modern styling, which uses asymmetrical designs, and a lot of clean horizontal lines, and the term contemporary usually means that there will be little molding or other embellishments used. Unlike traditional kitchens, materials are usually not natural wood. Instead, contemporary kitchens contain such materials as chrome and lacquer, glass, laminate, stainless steel, and linoleum.

The term contemporary is one, which covers the styles from 1940 through today. Contemporary kitchen design is clean and uncluttered, user-friendly, and often includes a monochromatic color scheme. Simplicity is apparent in the contemporary kitchen as it uses high functionality with streamlined surfaces but while it relies heavily on man-made materials, it sometimes borrows from traditional ideas to give a warmer, more livable feel to what could be a sterile and uninviting environment.

Contemporary kitchen designs are ones that are based on the moment, not just modern design. These are influenced by many other designs, such as industrial, Danish modern, traditional, and from earlier eras. They incorporate the cleaner aspects of other designs into a look that is all it’s own.

A contemporary kitchen is meant to be very functional as well as fashionable. Contemporary kitchen cabinets, therefore, are plentiful and smooth to operate with a seamless streamlined appearance. They are often laminated with a slick smooth and even reflective surface to mirror the aerodynamic design of the kitchen.

High-pressure laminate is available in many colors and finishes but contemporary kitchens often stick to black and white, or sometimes they incorporate red or other colors into the color scheme. Lacquered doors are common, and these usually consist of medium-density fiberboard panels that have been finished with a coating of polyester or polyurethane lacquer. These lacquered finishes may be done in matte or gloss paint.

They usually continue unbroken along the length of the cupboard space for that streamlined appearance that is synonymous with contemporary kitchens. Curves are becoming popular in contemporary kitchen designs, with cabinetry encircling the kitchen, or around the island, but straight, sleek lines are also a very contemporary look. The handles on these kitchen cabinets are often made of brushed aluminum or steel for that cool finish.

Rather than go to the expense of completely redoing a kitchen, some people opt to give their old-style kitchen a facelift with contemporary resurfacing of the existing counters and cupboards. For those who like their cabinet configuration but want to update the look to a more contemporary one, re-facing the cabinets can be a great, inexpensive way to get that contemporary kitchen look at a fraction of the cost.

contemporary kitchen style

Kitchens are becoming a popular gathering place for families and may even replace the living room as the place to congregate. With that in mind, contemporary kitchens are being designed to be more than just a kitchen. They often offer expanded counter space and more comfortable seating than a traditional kitchen.

The contemporary kitchen is often more of a great room as well as a kitchen. It hosts a family at the heart of the home by providing more than a place to cook. It can be a kitchen, a living room, a great room, an entertainment room, and a dining room in one. Since family living is becoming more centered in the contemporary kitchen, additions such as fireplaces and Television sets, comfortable islands, stereos, and desks that are wired for access to the Internet are placed in the kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen is a place to prepare gourmet meals or casual family dinners, do homework, eat, watch a movie or just congregate and catch up with family members and friends.

The term contemporary kitchens are one that usually indicates that the kitchen has a certain look, usually ultra modern with stainless steel and glass, sleek, sophisticated lines, and stylish European appeal. However, the contemporary kitchen can be more than just a kitchen. It can be the fashionable and functional heart of a home.

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