Creating A Modern Bathroom

modern bathroom style

The modern bathroom style is much sought after. You can absolutely take the remodeling of your own bathroom as a DIY project and design it with a modern flair. To make sure you are going down the right path and that your bathroom is going to turn out how you want it, these are some helpful pointers that are worth keeping in mind.

For one thing, when you are designing modern bathrooms it is important to remember that the saying less is more has never been truer. Modern bathrooms are open, sleek, and free of clutter. Always use specific stylish pieces and never throw in a bunch of knick-knacks and unnecessary pieces that will make it look more traditional. You need to consider the sink, bath, shower, toilet, and of course, accessories to add that perfect finishing touch.

Let us start with the floors. While you want to stick with a modern style you also do not want to lose sight of the fact that bathroom floors need to be extremely durable. They go through a lot of wear and tear. Because they are exposed to regular abuse, you need to ensure the floors you choose will be up for the challenge.

Your flooring will likely be one of the more expensive parts of this entire project so you want to be cautious with your decision. Ceramic tile is easily one of the popular choices for flooring in modern bathroom design. Ceramic tile tends to be more costly than other flooring types but is usually well worth it. It is more durable than most other flooring types so you will not have to worry about getting it fixed or repaired.

It has such great aesthetic appeal and there are single and twice-fired tiles to choose from and a selection of various different colors and patterns.

One benefit of the ceramic flooring option is that it will be so easy to maintain. Ceramic floors only require a sealant every three or four years besides regular basic cleaning which is pretty impressive when compared to the rigorous maintenance needs of most other types of flooring.

Glass tile floors are also quite popular in bathrooms. They offer a modern look but also important is that they are eco-friendly. They are stylish and super durable, making them a worthy option to consider for your bathroom remodel.

Next, you may want to focus on the modern bathroom vanity. There are some gorgeous modern bathroom vanities to choose from. Many of these are made of stainless steel. If this is too harsh a look for you then you may prefer something like the Fresca Vetta double sink modern bathroom vanity with espresso finish. This is a perfect example of how wood can be used in designs that are more modern and how it can still look contemporary and beautiful.

stylish bathroom vanity

Depending on the size of the room, you may have the freedom to choose a larger tub-shaped vanity or be restricted to a smaller size vanity.

Of all the pieces, you will be adding to the room the bathtub and shower are one of the more important. A lot of the more modern designs only include a stand-up shower. This can keep the lines sleek and sharp while also helping to keep as much space as possible in the room. For modern bath remodeling, if there is a bathtub included it is usually quite large.

Jacuzzi soaker tubs are always popular and nice if you plan on entertaining. Especially if you are redoing the guest bathroom, you want to make sure they will be comfortable during their stay. A large tub will comfortably fit a person or two of any size so you know your guests will always enjoy their bath.

To finish off the modern bathroom design you want to focus on bathroom lighting and accessories. These finishing touches are going to make the room extra special. Because you are sticking with a more modern theme, remember that simple is better. Choose a couple of nice paintings to mount on the wall or install some understated modern lighting classics.

When you remodel any room in the home and especially one that is as personal as the bathroom, it can be a lot of fun. Especially if you are someone with little to no home decorating experience this is the perfect room to try your hand at.

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