Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

farmhouse kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen can really be reminiscent of a bygone era. Of course, it still has all of the modern appliances that you’re going to need to cook a family dinner. This can give a very substantial feeling that is easy to live with. It’s different from the modern design style even though it does use a few of the same materials and colors. This is also different from the country’s design style. It’s very simplistic but still has a lot of warmth to it.

Farmhouse Style Colors

In a white farmhouse kitchen, everything is going to be very soothing and calm with different marbles and wood surfaces that are really going to add a lot of interest. You will need to go with more understated lighting in this kind of space. You really don’t want anything to stand out. It is also a way to save tons of money. You can just go with plain glass or ceramic fixtures which are really going to just add small shapes to the room without overtaking the space.

Apron and Copper Sinks

An easy way to accomplish this is with a farmhouse kitchen sink. This is usually made of some kind of stone so it’s a bold departure from typical porcelain or ceramic sinks. This is oversized. It really can be the focal point of your entire room just because it comes up right out of your countertop instead of being set on top of it. This can be quite expensive, but it’s a way to add a more casual air to almost any design in a kitchen. You need to make sure that you can work with one of these pieces because oftentimes they are divided so you still need to be sure that it is functional for your dishwashing needs.

Furniture and Flooring

You can also just use one of these items as a furniture piece such as a farmhouse kitchen table. This could be made of oak, pine, or painted wood. It is a very common and inexpensive kind of design style but it can also be very durable at the same time. It adds in a rich wood tone which is so important. In fact, no kitchen of this type should really be without a wood tone. If you already have painted cabinetry or a ceramic kitchen this is really a way to make things a more organic feel.

You really can’t go wrong with wood in this kind of space. You can have it on ceiling beams, and cabinetry, and even use it on bowls. You can even bring in a laminate or a wood floor, just make sure that it meets all of the specifications that you will need for this kind of space just because you will be dealing with water.

However, there is also a lot of charm in bringing in painted furniture. Sure you do need wood in the space but it needs to be the right wood. It needs to be worn with minimal grain to it. This will give it more of a casual and effortless flow which is so important. You might need to paint out your cabinets in a softer muted tone.

The color palette for this kind of theme is really very muted. It’s going to use a lot of soft grays, greens, blues, tans, and ivories. Nothing really stands out. However, this allows you to create very unique color palettes just because everything is going to relate to each other but still have a beautiful sense of flow. This is a room that is very organic in feeling and it can even feel very Zen like.

Another thing that is very important is the use of open shelves. If you’re lucky enough to have glass kitchen doors then you can really show the soft light by displaying your favorite ceramicware. In this kind of theme, it’s very popular to just collect all-white ceramics and then display them. This can also be a lot of fun for you to eat off of because then your food seems to pop against a white background and it serves as the color on the dinner table.

Another option is to just take off your upper cabinet doors completely to add in kind of that bright feeling. You could take it down and put up large shelves. However, you will have to be very organized and have high-quality dishes to get away with this look but it can keep things looking a lot lighter and brighter.

farmhouse kitchen style

A farmhouse kitchen is going to be one of the most popular which usually equates to the most expensive. You can still get the look of a small cottage just by using a beadboard. This blends in with any white table and chairs or island that you might already own. You can add this to your breakfast nook for a country touch to your house.

However, this can also be a more traditional architectural detail if your design style changes later on. There’s even wallpaper that mimics beadboard and this will be much less expensive than bringing in marble countertops or making other big changes to work with the theme.

Another hallmark of the old style is going to be chrome. If you want luxury then metallics are the way to go but fitting it in a rustic country house can be confusing. Look for drawer knobs and pulls with crystal or vintage touches to them. Otherwise, this will seem modern and definitely, any kind of brushed steel will be much too contemporary. The other option for your faucets will be an oil-rubbed bronze or an iron.

There can be a tendency at times for this to look a little bit french country. This is going to use less ironwork and fewer ornate details. It still has a lot of stone and glazed cabinetry, but the overall style is just much more simplistic. If you can’t afford your dream kitchen or custom cabinets, then this is a better design direction to go in; especially for small spaces.

Just adding in a beautiful island with a butcherblock counter will give it the more casual feeling it needs for this style. In the french country look, you’re going to see a lot more formal elements and darker wood tones. Farmhouse kitchens use lighter wood options.

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