Give your Kitchen an Inexpensive Facelift

kitchen facelift

When a kitchen is looking outdated and tired, many people think it is necessary to do a complete remodel. Not only is this very time-consuming but it can be extremely expensive. Instead of overhauling your kitchen, why not just give it a facelift?

Start by looking over your kitchen and find the things that make the kitchen feel worn out and dated. Maybe it is the hardware, maybe the appliances, maybe it’s just everything. Get a piece of paper and write down everything that feels outdated, why it feels outdated, and what you would like to see instead. This list will give you something to refer to when you just aren’t sure what you need to do. Now go through and put these wants in order from most important to least. The more you want to update it the more money you should budget to do so.

Now that you know what you would like to update, set a budget for yourself. Know exactly how much you would like to spend in order to update each item on your list. Remember that no matter how meager the budget is, you can almost always find affordable ways to get the look you want. Do you need budget-friendly ways to update a part of your kitchen? Here are some ideas.


*Give your hardware a good cleaning to spruce it up. Sometimes this is all you need.

*Metallic spray paint can give your hardware a whole new look for around $10.

*Check out the clearance section for brand new hardware for as little as $.50 a piece.


*Cleaning your cabinets can make them feel new. Try this first to see if the grime is holding them back.

*Paint is always a great way to update cabinets for around $50.

*Reface your cabinets for a completely new look. It’s a bit more expensive but worth the money.


*Peel and stick vinyl tiles can be found for $.20 sq. /ft and come in a wide range of styles

*Laminate hardwood offers the look of wood for as little as $.49 sq. /ft.


*Use broken tiles or glass to create a mosaic countertop.

*Paint your old laminate to resemble granite.


*Appliance paint can make your old appliances feel new

*Peel and stick stainless steel film can give you the look of new stainless steel appliances without the cost.


affordable kitchen backsplash

*Semi-Gloss paint can provide a colorful new backsplash that is easy to clean.

*Peel and stick vinyl tiles or stainless steel film can be used as a backsplash for less than $50.

*Free broken tiles can be used to create a beautiful mosaic backsplash for almost nothing.

*Mirrored tiles are a great way to bounce light around a room and make a room feel bigger.


*Repaint the walls with a trendy new color that will bring the kitchen up to date

*Want wallpaper? Look through the clearance section for a great deal.


*Give your existing fixtures a new finish with nothing more than paint.

*Try a new glass covering instead of buying something completely new.

*If you really want new, make it a point to look through the clearance section for a great buy.

Use these inexpensive ideas as you give your kitchen a cheap facelift. Just because you want your kitchen to feel updated does not mean it has to cost a fortune. Be creative when you are looking for ways to update and you will find you can have a beautiful kitchen on a budget.

Update Your Kitchen with Paint

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to update your kitchen, take a look at the paint. Many people do not realize that you can give your kitchen an entirely new look with something as cheap as paint, but you can. This is because the paint is not just for the walls anymore. There are a variety of paint products out there for a multitude of different surfaces. Not sure how to use paint in your kitchen update? Here is how.

Paint Your Cabinets

Give your tired old cabinets a completely new look just by painting them. White, Black, and Chocolate brown are all great colors to use in your kitchen because they work with a variety of colors and styles. Make sure you do the prep work necessary for the paint to stick and use acrylic paint to help avoid chipping. By doing the extra work, you will help your paint job last for years to come.

Paint Your Hardware

There are several spray paint products on the market today that are designed specifically for metal. There are a variety of colors available like oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. Not only will your hardware look updated and new, but you could save hundreds of dollars by not buying new hardware.

Paint Your Countertops

Thousands of homeowners are getting the look of granite countertops without the cost. How? They are painting their laminate counters to look like granite. There are many different techniques that you can use to create this look, so find the one that works best for you. Surf the internet and find out how others did it. Though it takes work, you will save thousands of dollars over purchasing granite.

Paint Your Appliances

If your appliances do not match, make them match with paint. Appliance spray paint is available at most home improvement stores and is available in a variety of colors. Sand down your appliances with some 180 grit sandpaper and get to painting. Doing this can give your kitchen a cohesive look without the cost of buying new appliances.

By using nothing but paint, you can give your kitchen an all-new look. This type of makeover is perfect if you want to remodel but just do not have the budget yet. Give your kitchen a temporary paint makeover and you can enjoy a beautiful kitchen until your budget can handle a kitchen overhaul.

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