Kitchen Decorating Ideas

kitchen decor ideas

Kitchen decorating basics is fun again. There for a while, the fashion was plain and neutral, devoid of color but now the color is back in the kitchen.

But what to do with that neutral-colored kitchen? – this was my dilemma.

How could I incorporate color into my kitchen without firstly breaking the bank and secondly how could “I” do it? After all, I am no interior designer.

Searching for kitchen decorating ideas nearly drove me insane (some would dispute the possibility of this – saying I already am :-). It’s all very good to look at glamorous kitchen photographs but how do I translate that to my kitchen.

My small little nook of a kitchen looks nothing like those ‘studio’ kitchens. I needed some practical suggestions and foundation decorating knowledge to decorate my small kitchen back in 2017.

Finally, I did stumbled upon a book that ‘made sense’ – there were no glamour shots; no fluff; just real practical suggestions on how to transform my home, and most importantly advice on colors, suggestions for storage, and visual effects that I could use in my kitchen.

What this means for you is that you can decorate your kitchen and even more importantly you won’t need to spend a fortune.

Fruit It Up
This kitchen decorating idea is simple and practical and you can eat it.

What could be more pleasant and appropriate than a bowl of fruit? A large bowl of fruit can add vitality and color to any style of kitchen.

Don’t just use any old bowl – try these ideas:-
– a tall glass vase filled with only lemons (or oranges or whatever you like); or
– a china dish with a selection of colored fruit; or
– use one of those modern thin rectangle dishes and line up a row of green for a contemporary feel.

They’re not just chrome anymore. They come in a wide variety of solid colors and metallic options. It’s amazing what style just a faucet can add to your home decor.

Keep your kitchen appliances and gadgets small. Also, try appliances that serve multi-purposes or you’ll just find a lot of counter clutter and no room in the cupboards for them all. Decide which items you really need and which you can live without.

Add Color
Tableware: Dishes come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Choose some that suit your style. If you have neutral-colored plates, place colorful charger plates beneath them to add some excitement.

Table cloths or placemats: Create a whole new color scheme for your kitchen with highly decorative table cloths or mats.

Add More Color
Use flowers, candles, vases, and other decorative elements to add color.

Small appliances: Even the coffee maker and mixer can come in some great color choices. Pick the right one for you.

Decorative Light Switch Covers: You can forget the old plain and boring beige or pale light covers. You can add more excitement to the room with decorative covers available.

Area Rugs
Rugs aren’t just for the living room and bedroom. Add a rug to the kitchen floor.

It adds a splash of color and some personality. Match your rug colors with your drapes, accessories, and table cloths for a complementary look, or try a rug in a clashing color for an interesting contrast. Braided area rugs are always popular in kitchens and this green braided area rug is very refreshing.

Cabinet Handles
Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles – This is a quick and simple idea that can make a startling difference to your kitchen cabinets. Changing your cabinet door handles is pretty easy and you will be amazed by the huge range of interesting styles and color choices you can find.

Also, take a look at your kitchen door – what about a new handle for it as well.

Add A Shelf

decorative kitchen self

Add a shelf in your kitchen it is both practical and decorative. You probably have much-wasted space on the walls where you could fix a shelf. Like above the basin or bench top. It does not have to be very wide but broad enough to store a few decorative items like pretty vases or preserved fruits in ornate bottles. Add hooks to the bottom of the shelf and you have somewhere to hang ornamental coffee mugs.

You can often pick up pre-made shelves and brackets that just need a couple of screws into the wall and you are done.

Unused Space
If you have vacant wall space above your cupboards, install small shelves and fill them with collectibles, herbs & spices, dishes, etc.

Hang baskets from the ceiling to store seldom-used objects such as seasonal cookie cutters, Christmas dishes, and more!

Lots of great ways to dress up that empty space – both attractive and practical!

Unused Corner
If you have an available vacant corner or unused space, an ordinary dresser makes a great addition to your kitchen. The drawers are great for storing odds and ends like napkins, towels, utensils, bags, paper, etc. What’s more, it can also double as a microwave stand.

Kitchen curtains can soon look pretty shabby and worn. Give them a good wash and press – you will be surprised by how ‘new’ they look. If not it might be time for some new ones. If on a tight budget, look in your local op shop – you will be amazed at what you can find.

Another curtain idea is to install a valance on your kitchen window as it can brighten the entire room. A valance is a short decorative curtain that hangs at the top of the window – it is much shorter than a curtain and its only function is to look pretty. They look great on bare windows and over top of plain blinds. They also look good over top of curtains in matching or contrasting colors.

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