Proper Bathroom Lighting in Custom Homes

When building your new custom home you have that special opportunity to choose all the details. Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms of the home, but actually one of the most important. Of course, there are bathroom fixtures, flooring, paint, or wallpaper, but it is the bathroom lights that will bring the whole room … Read more

Blue Or Pink Kitchen – Which One You Choose?

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas Pink may not be the obvious choice for a kitchen. However, if the room is all your own you mine as well make it your favorite color. Pink kitchen design ideas can help alleviate the burden of everyday chores and drudgery. Pink kitchens can be modern. If you have flat front … Read more

Adding Color to Your Bathroom

If you think that your bathroom needs some change, it perhaps just needs to be added some color to give it a fresh look. Painting your bathroom with a new color is an excellent as well as a cost-effective way to give it a new look and change the ambiance. You would be surprised what … Read more

Bathroom Renovations – Tips To Consider

classic bathroom renovation idea

Bathroom renovations are becoming more and more popular than any other room in the house. It’s not a project only done when you need to sell the home anymore. They actually will increase the value of the home and if done correctly make the area of your home better to use. This article will deal … Read more

How to Choose Kitchen Curtains

Choosing The Right Kitchen Curtains Kitchen curtains are not purely functional – they are important in decorating your kitchen so it is essential to get them right if you want your kitchen to look good. If you want to find the right curtains you will probably have to shop online to get the best selection … Read more

Kitchen Cleaning For Single Moms

As a single parent, you are always short on one thing – time. Between work, cooking, shopping, homework and bath time, and all the driving, there is barely time to sit down and think about yourself for a few minutes. If you want one of the beautifully clean homes you see on television but are … Read more

About DIY Bathroom Remodeling

Think twice about do it yourself bathroom remodeling It’s probably true to say that most people reading this, including you, are capable of remodeling their bathrooms themselves given enough time and patience but would you want to? Do you really want to be the DIY bathroom man with the specter of do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling hanging … Read more

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen Decor Ideas Black kitchen cabinets make a kitchen look sleek and classy. They give you a design base that is practically unlimited in what style the rest of the kitchen can take. For example, with black kitchen cabinets, you can easily pull off a modern-style kitchen, a country-style kitchen, or … Read more

Mold and Mildew Removal in Bathrooms

Are you suffering from Mold and Mildew in your bathroom? Unsightly black mold and mildew growth was the main reason that I decided to remodel my bathroom. I had spent months of cleaning and scrubbing and cutting out the worst of it but I eventually had to face up to the truth that I was … Read more

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

A farmhouse kitchen can really be reminiscent of a bygone era. Of course, it still has all of the modern appliances that you’re going to need to cook a family dinner. This can give a very substantial feeling that is easy to live with. It’s different from the modern design style even though it does … Read more