Painting Kitchen Cupboards

painting kitchen cupboards

Perhaps you want to change the look of your kitchen by upgrading the kitchen cupboards, but you have not found a way to make it fit your budget. The expansive lines of cabinetry that now abound in the kitchen design market give you plenty of choices, though not always plenty of discounts.

One way to accommodate your need for change without breaking the bank is to consider painting kitchen cupboards instead of replacing them. Paint is inexpensive, and if you do not like the result, it is not too difficult or stressful to change it. Although many homeowners associate painted kitchen cabinetry with country charm, paint can be used in many ways to capture a modern, trendy design scheme, too.

If you are painting the kitchen cupboard because you are preparing to place your home on the market and sell it, you should choose carefully. Kitchens are one of the hugest selling points for new buyers. Every homeowner wants to feel comfortable, inspired, and at ease in knowing that a huge remodeling job does not await him after the sale. Having to even think about remodeling detracts from the value of the home.

The wonder of painting begins by choosing the right color. What you want is a color that aptly conveys the mood you want in your kitchen. Tranquil colors like sage, grays, cool whites, or cool blues help you to create kitchen cupboards that will help build a room that is calm and unagitated. Cooks who do not like others in the kitchen while they prepare food lean toward these peaceful colors.

If you are going for a festive look, bright reds, yellows, and deep earth tones can make your kitchen a passionate space that is teeming with life. Cooks who love company and like to place a lot of high energy into meal preparation tend to prefer lively colors.

Whichever way you lean, it is best to choose a color you can really live with for your kitchen cupboards. Cabinets that expand across the entire kitchen will make your color choice a predominant room color.

colorful kitchen cupboards

Remember, too, that the color you choose for painting cabinetry should be a good match for the color of the walls and the tile in the kitchen. You would not, for example, want to keep your cabinets extremely dark if you have walls that are a chocolate color and laminate flooring made of dark walnut. Those choices are sure to create a space that is dark and brooding. Something in your décor should be light and give some balance and relief from all of your dark color choices.

The kind of paint you use should be determined by the finish on your cupboards. There are custom paints for metals, woods, and other materials. Make sure you purchase the right finish for your cabinets. For example, wood cabinet painting works well with semi-gloss or high-gloss paint in lacquer or acrylic lacquer. Spray paint creates a smooth finish, while hand painting looks more “crafted.”

You will need to prep your kitchen cupboards before painting. You should remove kitchen cupboard door handles, hinges, and cabinet doors before treating or painting them. In fact, changing the kitchen cupboard handles completely to a more modern look is a great way to change the look of your kitchen, as well.

Varnish or stain will have to be stripped from kitchen cupboards in a well-ventilated area. You should use several thin coats of paint rather than thick coats to get a quality finish. Make sure there is plenty of air circulating while the paint is drying, as well. Gentle soap and water will help you keep the surface clean and maintain the look you have created with the paint.

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