Tropical Kitchen Decor

tropical kitchen decor

Tropical kitchen decor can remind you of the sun even when you’re in the middle of winter. Use a tropical theme in your kitchen if you want a relaxing space that is still full of energizing colors. This is a theme that your whole family will be able to agree upon. It’s neither masculine nor feminine and might even remind you of your honeymoon or a favorite vacation.

Palm tree kitchen decor is a popular theme for kitchens or tropical dining rooms. You don’t need to add it to every hand towel and plate though. This look can seem cheap and you may have seen it dozens of times. Instead, look for cabinet knobs that resemble palm trees but keep them in a sleek oil-rubbed bronze finish.

You might even find a paper towel holder that looks like the trunk of a palm tree. Just add in a few palm tree accents. You can then use palm fronds in a glass vase instead of a typical floral arrangement.

You can create the subtle feeling of a beach in your room, no matter where you live. Start off with shimmering stainless steel appliances and sinks. Add in crisp white walls. Then look for cabinet and floor paint with just a touch of turquoise in it, so it almost looks like glass. Bring the theme together with a glass table and chairs and bright blue accessories.

Bamboo blinds are an inexpensive way to bring in a tropical feel. This allows you to cover an entire bank of windows for just a few dollars each. For a more sophisticated tropical look find dark stained woven blinds.

If you start out from scratch base your entire room around tropical room decor. Whitewash your ceiling or pickle any wood in the room. Vaulted or slanted ceilings are popular in this design style. Add a ceiling fan; it doesn’t have to be a decorator’s worst nightmare. You can find ceiling fans that look like palm fronds as a casual way to bring the decor into the kitchen.

If you had a real tropical kitchen it would be full of exotic woods, maybe even teak. You can spruce up your existing cabinets by adding grass mats to the inserts. This also lends texture to a neutral room.

Tropical beach decor can be the jumping-off point for your room. You may just be inspired by the colors of sand. Sand has many different neutrals in it, yet it’s still interesting. You can even stain your concrete floors in a taupe color for a budget floor that will still shimmer. Other tropical colors are coral, green, and turquoise. Use these colors on accessories to brighten up your space without overwhelming it.

Tropical island decor focuses on the outdoors. You should allow as much light into the space as possible. Go without window treatments; you may even want to expand your windows. Hang baskets from the ceiling for a handmade touch and look for cabinet doors that are reminiscent of wood shutters. You can add wood panels to the walls and ceiling to create the feeling of a hut.

If you want to make your current kitchen tropical but it needs to blend in with a contemporary style, then focus on the backsplash. Glass mosaic tile includes all of the colors of the ocean. Aqua will match most wood tones and can give life to neutral granite countertops.

If you really want to be literal then create a mosaic backsplash from seashells. Keep the rest of the kitchen white, and use white grout. This takes a lot of time and a lot more shells than you think. For a sleeker look find faux sand dollars and make a border on the backsplash. If you’re afraid of tropical colors then just use them sparingly. Buy the same glass knob, but in different colors. The fact that the knob is the same means that the cabinets will relate to each other.

You can go with lime green, periwinkle, turquoise, and blue to add in the colors of the ocean. Another way to add color is to just paint one wall of cabinets a bright green and then leave the rest of the cabinetry neutral. Choose the focal wall, which is usually the one with the stove on it, to create the biggest impact.

You don’t have to be literal in your tropical decor. You can still have a unique take on things by creating a flamingo kitchen. Paint one wall a bold pink. Balance it with lighter cabinets or chocolate brown floating shelves. Leave the rest of the room neutral. Instead of going with cheesy flamingo accessories, hang pictures of actual flamingos for a more elegant and unexpected interpretation of the theme.

Pink is also a way to get your kitchen nook noticed. It will have a Miami beach feeling when you pair it with a bright white table and walls. Just hang a pink drum shade from the ceiling. You can add in more subtle pink accessories but one spot of bold color will make a big statement in the room.

Hawaii decorating was popular in vintage design. You can create curtains from palm tree fabric for a retro feel. This is a way to add character to a neutral kitchen. The print should focus on hula girls or palm fronds and be in a series of dark colors such as moody greens and blacks. You can also bring in an actual vintage item such as a string curtain that has a hula dancer on it to put over the entryway to the pantry. Just make sure that the rest of your room stays elegant so your kitchen doesn’t become kitschy. There’s nothing worse than a kitschy kitchen.

tropical style kitchen decor

Tropical kitchen decor can help you transform a ho-hum room into a retreat. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation; even if you still have to do the dishes. As long as your area has neutral cabinets, high ceilings, basic appliances, and lots of light you won’t need to undertake a complete remodel. Just work with what you’ve already got but bring in that tropical character and personality.

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